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Wall Decoration

Give a new face to your home with the products designed by Nymane for wall decoration.

Have fun to play interior designers and give a touch of originality to the wall of your living room, or to that of your bedroom.

Choose a Canvas, a Poster, a Framed photo or a mix of the three to get an effect result! You'll be surprised how much this can make a difference.

The house is the place where love abides, where people create and keep their most important memories, it is the place designated to welcome the people you love: family, friends and loved ones. For this reason, it is important to set up an environment that is as friendly, warm and enjoyable as possible decorating it with photos of your memories: family moments, unforgettable landscapes, holiday photos, portrait pictures… so long as it’s about you!

Choose whether to create a Canvas or a Poster by printing the enlargement of your best photos or design a photo collage (up to 35 pictures!) for a lively and colorful effect! Otherwise, create a wall full of Framed photos and have fun creatively hanging them.

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