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Packaging has always been our passion, we just can't imagine a product without its box.

So here are our Photoboxes to keep your precious moments. Excellent as a gift idea. Photoboxes are also the perfect item for those of us mad with precision!

Nymane keeps your photos over time: pick your favorite images and entrust them to us, you will receive them in one of our delicious boxes.

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What could be more precious than memories? They’re part of our personal history and they talk about us. That’s why we like so much taking pictures of all those special moments that we happen to live: a family party, a trip to the sea or the mountains with friends, a romantic holiday with our better half. So, where are all these pictures going?

Nymane has thought of making fantastic (and solving) photo boxes that will help you gather the best shots of your gallery!

Collect your images in a Nymane Photobox, an ideal solution for archiving images from your smartphone or professional camera.

Also great for collecting family photos or holiday photos, perfect as a gift idea for the new baby’s arrival, but also an anniversary, a birthday or a wedding!

Opening a Nymane Photobox will take you on a trip down memory lane each time: go back in time with the people you love and get involved by the images that tell a story as unique as extraordinary… your own life!

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