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Choose your Frame with Fine Art Print in whatever size you prefer: 30×30 cm (11,8×11,8 inch), 50×50 cm (19,6×19,6 inch), 50×70 cm (19,6×27,5 inch), 70×50 cm (27,5×19,6 inch).

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Frame with Fine Art Print are the winning products for the wall decorations of your home.

The Frame with Fine Art Print combines the elegance of the Wooden Frame and the Fine Art Print of your pictures. Your house’s walls will be transformed thanks to the amazing depth of the colours, widerrange, optimized contrast and stunning picture quality of Fine Art Printing!

This is what Nymane created just for all the photos you care the most: a beautiful portrait, a stunning view, a metropolitan skyline, the spectacular Aurora Borealis or the best shots of the Savannah animals in the Serengeti!

Print your photos online simply by uploading images from your computer or smartphone, choose whether to include a white border or just printing your image using all the available surface.



The print is made in Fine Art with Epson technology and HDR pigment inks of the latest generation. The technology and materials used to print in Fine Art guarantee quality and durability over time. In fact, if stored appropriately, Fine Art Prints will have a very long life! Laboratory tests reveal that colour images can last up to 200 years, black and white images up to 400 years!

In addition to this, Fine Art Print has other extraordinary features. For instance, it can reproduce a greater amount of colors, also giving a greater depth than the common print. Also, the contrast is optimized and the image definition is absolutely unparalleled!



An added value is also given by the type of paper we selected for printing. For Panels, we choose a 100% Cotton Paper with a Natural White, 210gr.

This is a paper with no optical whiteners. That is to say it doesn’t contain chemical compounds that sometimes are added to the paper coating to improve the appearance of the color. It is also Acid Free, meaning it has a neutral pH value, and it is this factor that guarantees a longer life to the prints.

It’s a Matt Paper 210gr. with a slightly structured surface and has a with warm tones white. The smooth velvet finish and the appealing natural white tone of this paper, makes it ideal if you are producing portrait prints, but it is also perfect for landscape photography. In fact, the smooth surface ensures that even the finest details of your artwork are preserved, with excellent print quality that meets international archival standards.



It’s a high quality European wood photo frame with 3×1,5 cm profile available in white or black.
Available formats are: 30×30 cm (11,8×11,8 inch), 50×50 cm (19,6×19,6 inch), 50×70 cm (19,6×27,5 inch), 70×50 cm (27,5×19,6 inch).

The closing plate is made of polystyrene, a material highly resistant to light (for effective protection of prints) and to breakage.

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