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Armonia 35×25

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Carta di Alta Qualità

100% Made in Italy

Spedizione veloce

High Quality Paper

100% Made in Italy

Fast Shipping


Armonia 35×25 is a Wedding Book with canvas cover that comes from the skillful work of our craftsmen.

A refined material available in three different shades of green, will be the frame of this Wedding Album with vivid and bright tones. In addition to this, the covers are customized one by one with the ancient Debossing technique. Your names will be stamped in the center of the cover and will add value to this extraordinary product.

As for the Printing, we chose the Fine Art Print and a 100% Cotton Paper able to enhance every single detail. You will be amazed to see the color rendering and the spectacular image definition!

Fine Art Printing is made with Epson technology and HDR pigment inks of the latest generation. The techniques and materials used guarantee quality and durability. In fact, you can even reach 200 years for Color prints and 400 years for Black and White prints! In addition to this, Fine Art Photo Printing offers an extraordinary depth of color and a wider range of colors. Not to mention the optimized contrast and unmatched image definition!

We offer all our experience to give you the best of craftsmanship and technology!

In this Wedding Book with canvas cover are collected the most beautiful photos of your wedding: you will browse it together countless times, you will proudly show it to friends and relatives… and to future generations!


With a few simple clicks you can customize the album cover and also organize the photos of your wedding having many layouts with a contemporary and professional design at your disposal. You can insert from 1 to 8 photos on each layout and choose which is the most suitable to tell the story of your wedding day. There’s more! You can also decide to place the photos occupying the entire surface of the open album because the folding of the pages is so thin that it is not visible.

SMALL TIP 💡: To achieve a truly extraordinary result, think of your album as the story of the events that followed that day. Not only family and friends, but remember to give space to all the little details that have enriched and made special your wedding!


Soar in the blue of Infinito or be seduced by the warm tones of the earth of Radici!

Technical Features


  • SIZE: 35×25 cm (13,8×9,8 inch)
  • PAPER: 100% Cotton Paper
  • PAGE THICKNESS: about 1 mm (3/64 ″)


  • Cover: Canvas with stamp of the names
  • Cover colors: Ortensia, Lime, Agave
  • Layout Design: From 1 to 8 photos for each page layout, a wide selection of layouts and the possibility to add text.

Maintenance Note

Keep the album in a dry environment and safe from extreme heat and direct light.

Don’t worry if at certain times of the year you should notice wavy pages: it is only the effect of humidity on the paper. Move your album to a drier place, keep it open for a few hours and then a few days underweight. It’ll be just like before!

The surface of the pages must not be wet or rubbed.

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